What is CERT?

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is abbreviation accepted by the professional Public and recognized as the established title for information security organizations. In accordance with legal authorization National CERT gatheres and exchange relevant information regarding possible security risks of the information-communication systems (hereinafter: ICT systems) but also Incidents that jeopardize security of the ICT systems and based on that notify, alert and advises responsible personnel that manage ICT systems in the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Public.

What is the National CERT?

The National CERT is National Center for security risks prevention in the ICT systems on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Primary duties of the National CERT are coordination of prevention and protection against security risks of the ICT systems on the national level. The National CERT has been established as a part of Regulatory Authority for Еlectronic Communications and Postal services (RATEL).

What is the role of the National CERT?

The National CERT is obliged to monitor reported Incidents on the national level;
Provide early warnings, alerts and announcements and informs responsible personnel about the risks and incidents;
Respond to reported incidents by providing advice;
Keeps records of special registered CERT teams in the Republic of Serbia;
Raise public awareness regarding information security importance.

What is an Incident?

An incident is any type of violation attempt related to the functioning of ICT systems or part of the ICT system as well as hardware, software or application solution abuse within the ICT systems.
Primarily it's related to Databases, Web servers, Mail Systems and Network Infrastructure but also PCs or Mobile devices in some cases. Some of cyber incident types that should be reported to the National CERT of the Republic of Serbia are: Unauthorised access to ICT systems, intentional or unintentional break of service accessibility (DoS and DDoS attacks), unauthorised configuration component changes, attacks and infections with malicious content (Malware), compromised Username and Password as credential theft. 

What is not an Incident?

National CERT of the Republic of Serbia gathers and exchange information about risks in ICT systems.
Accordingly, users should not report Incidents like damage of PC hardware, additional gear of PCs and Mobile devices, Printer malfunction, Spam, forgotten Username and/or Password for logging on their Accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, e-Banking or so.

How to Report an Incident?

Reporting an Incident can be done by clicking the red button ''Report an Incident'' placed in the upper right corner of your screen.
Please choose appropriate form before entering the necessary information, whether you reporting an incident as an Individual, Legal entity or ICT Systems of Special Importance.
After filling out all required fields (marked with an asterisk (*)) and entering Captcha code at the bottom, you should click on ''Send message''.
When you successfully report an Incident you should receive an email as a verification of your email account.
Incident can also be reported via e-mail info@cert.rs. For questions regarding security topics please use an e-mail form, available on our Contact page.

Users can report incidents 24/7/365.

How to send an attachment via the incident reporting form?

For security reasons, it is not possible to submit an attachment directly via the incident reporting form.

When necessary, the attachment can be sent directly via email address: info@cert.rs, after reporting the incident via the form.

Users can send their attachment as a reply to the verification email they receive after reporting an incident.

If user is sending an attachment in a separate email, in the Subject field it is necessary to enter the appropriate incident ID that user received after reporting the incident via the form.

When to report an Incident to the Special Prosecutor's Office for Cyber crime?

Incidents with elements of a criminal offense (i.e. money extortion) should be reported to the Special Prosecutor's Office for Cybercrime as well.
Contact details can be found on the following link: http://www.beograd.vtk.jt.rs/



What is an ICT system of special importance?

Information and communication (ICT) systems of particular importance represent critical systems used in government entities, for processing special personal data, in the performance of activities of general interest, as well as legal entities and institutions established by the Republic of Serbia, autonomous provincial or local units self-government. Critical systems are systems, networks, facilities or their parts. Interruption of their functioning can have serious consequences for national security, health and lives of people, property, the environment, the safety of citizens, economic stability in the Republic of Serbia.

What is special registered CERT team?

Special center for prevention and protection of cybersecurity incidents in ICT systems is called Special registered CERT. Special registered CERT team is a legal entity or a group of certain legal entities, or department/unit within a legal entity that is registered at the National CERT Registry.

Application procedure for Special CERT's Registry

For the application procedure for Special CERT's Registry please visit: Application procedure


Which institution is competent for interpretation of the Law on Information Security?

Ministry of Information and Telecommunications is the Competent Authority for interpretation of the Law on Information Security.

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