National CERT of the Republic of Serbia




ICT Systems – submitting of statistical reports

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia wishes to inform all operators of ICT  systems of special importance that, in the period between January 1, 2021 and February 28, 2021, the entry of statistical data on all incidents for the previous year will be made available through a web form crea...

1. January 2021

Solar Winds Cyberattack

In mid-December Solar Winds suffered a highly sophisticated cyberattack causing public concern. The company is a leader in monitoring and management software. This was a supply chain attack trojanizing SolarWinds Orion business software updates in order to distribute malware. The attacker gained bac...

25. December 2020

Phishing campaign against bank clients in Serbia

The National CERT wishes to inform all banking service clients that a malicious phishing campaign is under way in the Republic of Serbia, targeting one of the banks operating in this country. Phishing emails appear to be sent from the legitimate bank’s domain, but actually contain malicious a...

19. October 2020



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