Phishing Campaign Targeting Postal Service Users

20. October 2023

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia wishes to inform and warn all users that a new phishing campaign targeting postal service users is under way. The users usually receive an email notifying them about „unsuccessful“ parcel delivery, due to an unpaid customs fee.

Figure 1 shows an example of an email sent to users:

Figure 1 – Phishing email example

The user is asked to click on the email link, leading to a fake page of the Post of Serbia, where the user is required to make payment by filling in his credit card information. Figure 2 shows the look of the fake page where the user is asked to make a payment:

Figure 2 – Example of fake payment page 

All the information provided by the user on the fake page can be abused. The National CERT recommends to the users who happen to receive such email, not to open it nor enter the required data, but to delete it right away.

The above fraudulent activity can be reported to the „Post of Serbia“ via the official contact center telephone numbers 0700 100 300 and 011 3607 788, on business days from 8h to 20h and on weekends from 8h to 15h, as well as to the National CERT.

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