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Collecting Digital Evidence

  • In the event of a Cyber Attack, disconnect from the Internet
  • If it is a computer that is on the network, it is mandatory to disconnect the computer from the network so that it does not infect other computers
  • Do not restart the computer or disconnect the power supply
  • Contact the Special Prosecutor's Office for High-Tech Crime
  • Create an identical copy of the infected computer's hard drive

10. June 2019



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Protection of Small and Medium Enterprises Against Cyber Attacks

  • It is a mistake to assume that any business is too small to become a target of a cyber attack
  • 60% of SMEs do not recover from Cyber Attacks
  • Employee trainings are important
  • Internal procedures for dealing with Cyber Attacks
  • Ensuring Business Continuity of the company in the event of a Cyber Attack

22. January 2019



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SRB-CERT Brochure

The topics of this Brochure are: Phishing, safe use of the Wireless Internet and Malware

9. June 2018



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Safe e-Banking

  • Create a complex password for logging into the e-Banking or m-Banking application
  • Keep your passwords safe and do not share them with others
  • Check the address bar to see if you are on the legitimate website of your Bank or if the Domain Name is fake
  • Update the application regularly

2. October 2017



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WannyCry Ransomware Guidance

  • The WannaCry ransomware caused a lot of damage in 2017 in over 150 countries around the World
  • It has disabled the operation of many health facilities in Great Britain
  • It has influenced the work of Telecom operators, Airlines, Universities, Public Institutions and Financial Institutions around the World

24. September 2017



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