RATEL's Participation in the ATM Cyber Security Workshop

2. July 2018

The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia (CAD) and EUROCONTROL organized a three-day workshop on air traffic management cybersecurity. The workshop was organized at CAD's premises in Belgrade, with the participation of the representatives of CAD, SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services) and RATEL, in the capacity of the National CERT.

The training and the discussions were conducted by EUROCONTROL's experts, Dr. John Hird and Mr. Patrick Mana. The agenda was organized in three sessions, covering the following topics:
1. ATM (Air Traffic Management) cybersecurity awareness;
2. ATM security oversight process at the national level;
3. Cyber-security solutions: PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and EATM-CERT (European Air Traffic Management Computer Emergency Response Team) and SOC (Security Operation Centre).

The Civil Aviation Directorate presented the means of managing ATM cybersecurity in the Republic of Serbia, while RATEL presented ITS competencies related to cybersecurity, as stipulated by the Electronic Communications Law and the Information Security Law.



Photo: Civil Aviation Directorate

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