RATEL's visit to Office for IT and e-Government

31. August 2018

Within the framework of the Agreement signed by the two Institutions last year, a working meeting on the activities for the next period was held. Main topics were related to the use of the existing capacities of the Office and RATEL regarding development of the information systems, the use of the capacities of the information and communication network of the government authorities and the capacities of the Data Center of Serbia, the use of the national portal of Open data, the possibilities of the Center for Information Security (CERT), the financing of projects from both national and international funds.

Also, there was a discussion about the Open Data Contest in Serbia, where, besides two other Institutions, Ratel was recognized as a good candidate for capacity building of various target groups for processing and creative use of Open Data.

Dr. Vladica Tintor, Director of Ratel, spoke about the Information security and the role of the regulatory body, as well as the ten-year experience of using the Document Management System, while Dr. Mihailo Jovanovic, Director of the Office for IT and e-Government, presented the project of a Data Center in Kragujevac and the introduction for implementation of Document Management System in government institutions.

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