55th Meeting of TF-CSIRT in Lithuania

10. October 2018

The 55th TF-CSIRT meeting took place from 27th – 28th September 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania, where National CERT of the Republic of Serbia participated. This event was hosted by NKSC/CERT-LT, LITNET CERT, NRD Cyber Security and Swedbank SIRT. The aim of the conference was to present new trends in the work of CERT groups, as well as to find new possibilities for cooperation with other CERT teams.

The meeting started with the TF-CSIRT  Steering Committee, followed by discussions on various topics in the field of information security, which include discussions on the minimum taxonomy of incidents involving the technical type of any information security incident.

Among the activities, "Hack the Hacker" platform was presented, followed by finding new opportunities for enhancing communication between CERT teams by exchanging know-how techniques, the recently released open-source platform "N6" for data exchange was presented, which automatically collects, sorts, and distributes data on security vulnerabilities, and is designed to handle large amounts of reports on the misuse of information systems that can significantly facilitate the operation of CERT teams.

For more details on this event please visit: https://tf-csirt.org/tf-csirt/meetings/55th-meeting/

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