Cooperation Protocol between National Centers for Information Incident Prevention in the Republic of Serbia and Republic of North Macedonia

7. November 2018

The field of information incident prevention is governed in the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia in the same manner. The competence in the field of preventing and managing information security incidents is appointed to the national electronic communications regulatory agencies. In line with the newly delegated competencies, the National Centre for Computer Incident Response (MKD-CIRT) was established as part of the Agency for Electronic Communications of the Republic of Macedonia (AEC) and the National Center for the Prevention of Security Risks in ICT Systems (SRB-CERT) was established as part of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of the Republic of Serbia (RATEL).

In March 2011 RATEL and AEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding which established mutual cooperation in the field of electronic communications. Recognizing the need to extend the interinstitutional cooperation defined by the Memorandum of Understanding to the field of information security, RATEL and AEC decided to amend the existing Memorandum in the form of Cooperation Protocol.

During the Second meeting of the Forum for Cooperation of the National Regulatory Authorities for Electronic Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia, held on 7 November in Belgrade, Mr. Sasho Dimitrijoski, Director of AEC, and Dr. Vladica Tintor, Director of RATEL, signed the Cooperation Protocol, in order to improve defense capabilities through the exchange of information on information security. Among the activities defined by the Protocol, high importance was given to exchanging experience in the fields of mutual interest, in line with the goal of improving regional cooperation related to information security.

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