Entry in Register of special importance ICT systems operators begins

19. February 2020

We inform the operators of ICT systems of special importance in the Republic of Serbia that they are obliged to register in the records of special importance ICT systems operators, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Information Security („Official Gazette of RSˮ Nos. 6/16, 94/17 and 77/19) and Rulebook on data contained in the Register of special importance ICT systems operators („Official Gazette of RS“ No. 9/20).

Entry deadline is May 12, 2020.

IC systems of special importance are defined in Article 6 of the Law on Information Security, as systems which are used:

1) in the activities of governmental bodies;

2) to process special kind of personal data, pursuant to the law governing personal data protection;

3) in the areas of general interest and other activities, more closely defined in the Ordinance on establishment of the List of jobs in areas where activities of general interest are carried out and where special importance ICT systems are used („Official Gazette of RS“, No. 94/19);

4) in legal persons and bodies established by the Republic of Serbia, an autonomous province or local self-government unit, for the activities under item 3).

Request for the entry in the Register must be submitted in the form of an original electronic document, or a certified digitized copy, pursuant to the rules governing the electronic document, and sent to the line Ministry's e-mail: evidencijaiktsistema@mtt.gov.rs.

Request for the entry of data in the Register must be submitted on Form 1 – Request for entry of data in the Register of special importance ICT systems operators. 

For more information on the data to be entered in the Register, please visit: www.mtt.gov.rs/evidencijaiktsistema


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