National CERT becomes member of FIRST

21. February 2020

The National CERT has become a full member of the organization FIRST (Forum of Incident and Response Security Teams). This is the first CERT team in the Republic of Serbia to have acquired full membership status in this organization.

As part of mandatory acquaintance with the activities and capacities of the applying team and the procedure of acquiring membership in FIRST, representatives of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute, as a main sponsor, made a visit to the National CERT of the Republic of Serbia.

After 7 months from the first participation of the National CERT in the annual FIRST conference, the process of getting full membership is successfully completed.

FIRST ia a major global organization, gathering 520 members from 95 countries, founded with the aim of connecting CERT teams all over the world and establishing a trusted channel of information exchange. Events organized under the auspices of this organization cover all segments of cyber security and are dedicated to all employees. This enables continuous training and professional improvement of all team members.

The acquired knowledge is a key to successful work in the area of cyber security, experiencing currently an extremely dynamic development. The National CERT is thus expected to contribute significantly to the development of other CERT teams in the Republic of Serbia and the overall national CERT community.

The FIRST membership will make it possible for the Republic of Serbia to ensure a greater level of cyber security risk protection, by reinforcing IT security measures and building up potential to face more efficiently challenges brought by digitalization.

In its activities within the National CERT, as in the other tasks falling under its competence, RATEL has been guided by quality, permanent initiative and development of the Republic of Serbia in the area of electronic communications and postal services.

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