Workshop dedicated to media, journalism and security students

28. October 2021

The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services in the capacity of the National CERT of the Republic of Serbia, as part of its annual “Knowledge is Power” campaign marking the International Cybersecurity Month, held a new workshop dedicated to the media, this year also attended by the students of the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Security Studies.

The workshop participants got acquainted with the current situation in cyberspace, such as the great powers’ cyberwarfare and new types of sophisticated cyberattacks, followed by an overview of the National CERT’s recent activities in the area of general public education, including trainings on a cyberattack simulation platform dedicated to IT professionals. This year’s guest was Mr Nebojša Jokić, Head of MUP-CERT (Ministry of Interior), who highlighted the importance of cross sectoral cooperation from the angle of an expert training participant.

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