First technical training for local self-government unit representatives

2. March 2022

On March 1, 2022, the National CERT held a first online technical training on the CyberBit/CyberRange platform, as part of a wider ten-part course intended for representatives of local self-government units. 

The platform was donated within the project “Norway for You – Serbia”, funded by the Kingdom of Norway and carried out by the United Nations Office for Project Services – UNOPS. The work in a hyper realistic environment of a simulated cyber attack enables the trainees to efficiently improve their skills and react even before the attack happens, which is one of the crucial aspects of cyber attack prevention in an ever more sophisticated and impenetrable world of cyber warfare.

The trainees were able to take part in cyber attack simulations and practice in a setting replicating an authentic work environment, providing an exceptional and realistic experience. On this occasion, the participants in particular applied defense against Trojan Data Leakage attack.

Through the continuous implementation of technical trainings and workshops in the area of information security, the National CERT contributes to the maintenance of appropriate levels of knowledge and the development of the domaine-specific based skills necessary for an adequate response to new challenges in the cyber space. 

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