Safer Internet Day

7. February 2023

This week, the 20th Safer Internet Day anniversary is celebrated throughout the world. This annual event is aimed at raising awareness with users amidst various campaigns on the current and new challenges on the Internet.

Below are some of the recommendations ensuring a more secure online behavior, helping us all make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

  •           Creation of complex and different password for each         


  •           Make sure the Internet connection you are using is safe,
  •           Free Wi-Fi is only recommended for Internet surfing,
  •           Engage in safer e-commerce transactions,
  •           Careful selection of user account settings on social


  •           Share as less personal data as possible,
  •           Be vigilant about links and attachments you are downloading online,

You can learn more about these topics on our interactive platform ''For a Safer Click''.


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