7. August 2023

Training for members of the RS national team

The National CERT, in cooperation with the Cyber Security Network, held on August 4 a training intended for the members of the national team of the Republic of Serbia, who will tak...

10. July 2023

"Compete with Team Europe 2023" – Training for Young Talents

Candidates for the national team of the Republic of Serbia, who will take part in the forthcoming exercise European CyberSecurity Challenge, in cooperation with the Cyber Security...

9. June 2023

National CERT takes part in 35th Annual FIRST Conference

The FIRST association (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) held its 35th annual conference titled "EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES", which took place from June 4 to 9, 2023 in Mo...

2. June 2023

National CERT takes part in conference „Risks of the New Age: Sustainability and Resilience“

The National CERT actively participated in the Fourth Regional Conference „Risks of the New Age: Sustainability and Resilience“, which took place on June 1, 2023 in the...

30. May 2023

Technical Training for Students of Faculty of Technical Sciences

The National CERT, on May 30, held yet another techincal training intended for the students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University in Novi Sad, on a platform for cy...

17. May 2023

Serbian Internet Governance Forum takes place in Belgrade

The Serbian Internet Governance Forum (IGF Srbija) took place on May 16 at the Dorćol Platz premises in Belgrade. As part of this year’s Forum, a workshop on cybersecurity w...

7. February 2023

Safer Internet Day

This week, the 20th Safer Internet Day anniversary is celebrated throughout the world. This annual event is aimed at raising awareness with users amidst various campaigns on the cu...

24. January 2023

Data Privacy Week

Each year, at the end of January, an event titled ‘’Data Privacy Week’’ is celebrated, with an aim to raise awareness and build knowledge of citizens about...

30. December 2022

RATEL creates platform „For a Safer Click“

By witnessing the current and various changes which are integral part of a successful digitization advancement, we become aware of the many benefits for the mankind brought about b...

19. December 2022

Online SME Workshop

The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, in the capacity of National CERT, has prepared various educational materials as part of a campaign titled "...

14. December 2022

National CERT takes part in conference „Building Cybersecurity in Bosnia and Herzegovina“

The National CERT took part in a conference held on December 12 through 14 in Sarajevo, attended by more than 60 participants of state administration and entity institutions respon...

30. November 2022


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